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    This weekai??i??s latest releases from the worlds of technology, fiction and childrenai??i??s fantasy

    The Upstarts

    The tag line of this
    book by Brad Stone, a senior executive editor for technology at Bloomberg News, reads: ai???How Uber, Airbnb and the killer companies of the new Silicon Valleys are changing the worldai???. Stone profiles the most radical companies of Silicon Valley, in the spirit of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, looking at a new generation of brilliant entrepreneurial upstarts and idiosyncratic founders looking to rewrite the traditional rules of business, and spark the next cultural upheaval through technology. Penguin Random House, Rs 699.the-house-that-spoke-390x599

    Purchase lanoxin 125 9780241288047Three Daughters of Eve

    Elif Shafak, the most widely read female writer in Turkey, presents a sweeping tale of faith, love and friendship set across Istanbul and Oxford. The story begins with Peri, a wealthy housewife, on her way to a dinner party, when a beggar snatches her handbag. In the struggle, an old Polaroid falls out, taking her back to Oxford University, as an 18-year-old sent abroad for the first time. One of the most influential intellectuals of her time, Shafak is a public speaker, and
    a womenai??i??s and LGBT rights activist. Penguin Random House, Rs 599.

    The House That Spoke

    This debut novel by 15-year-old Zuni Chopra, daughter of film critic Anupama Chopra and filmmaker Vidhu Vinod Chopra, is set in Kashmir. An avowed fan of Lewis Carroll, Zuni tells the story of Zoon Razdan, a youngster in a magical house, where she talks to the fireplace, the books, and even the portraits. When a force of darkness returns to the home, Zoon has to claim her right as guardian of the house, and subsequently, Kashmir. Penguin Random House India, Rs 299.


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