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    Bhoomi regroup for a vernacular rock act as Peepal Tree

    City-based metal outfit Bhoomi moves to the rock side with Peepal Tree a�� their alternate avatar that now includes Willy Demoz on drums. Consisting of Bhoomi members Sujay Harthi (vocals), Tony Das (guitars) and Praveen Biligiri (bass guitar), Peepal Tree takes on a different genre, language and sound, and hence their new identity comes with a different name.

    A different note
    a�?We wanted to do something different and cater to newer audiences in the process,a�? reflects Harthi, while Das adds, a�?We are now putting together styles and genres that we collectively know, in a way that sounds unique.a�? Drawing on influences as varied as pop, electronica and funk, Peepal Tree adds a local element to their sound with lyrics in Kannada yet based in familiar rock riffs. a�?People tend to connect with anything local, especially when ita��s music. This is why we headed in this direction,a�? says Demoz.

    Tuning it right
    Having started earlier this year, they have so far released two singles, Tangi and Chetana, and intend to release their first album later this year. Tangi is a combination of soulful Kannada vocals by Santa Shishunala Sharifa, peppered with catchy guitar phrases, dubstep loops, and punchy bass and drums lines. Chetana is straight-up rock a�?na�� roll, inspired by a Kannada poem by Kuvempu of the same title.
    While Bhoomi is still very much existent, Harthi tells us that changing paths also meant a shift in dynamics a�� adding classical lyrics with a distinctive nuance. a�?And we really didna��t want it to sound like film music,a�? he jokes.

    Their first gig as Peepal Tree is scheduled for August 9A�at bFlat, 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar

    a��Avinash Kumai and Susanna Chandy


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