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    A guide to the latest cafes, restaurants and food stalls in your neck of the woods .

    This part of the city, with its ornamental twin arches, has its share of ice cream parlours, chaat counters and biryani pit-stops to fill every belly. If at all there is something it lacks, it is a bar. A decent one. While budding restaurateurs chew on that one, we round up the newest eateries, from cafes and dried fruit shops to grill houses. Fairly recent entrants like Double Roti (from Cenotaph Road) and Brick House Bistro have regulars queuing up, while the culinary experta��s haven, Gourmei Market, offers everything from homemade mutton pickle to Japanese golden macha tea. There is a Brownie Heaven stall for your sugar fix and restaurants opening up on Shanti Colony almost every fortnight. Here are the latest places to look up.

    Amadora: pineapple sorbet1
    The citya��s fourth outlet of Amadora Gourmet Ice Cream opened last month, quietly in the back lanes of Shanthi Colony main road. But clearly not quietly enough, as we find the Vanilla Raspberry stick has sold out and we are in a queue for their new flavour, the Pineapple Sorbet! Other new additions include the salted crack caramel that is addictive with delightful chewy caramel bits. Rs 150 onwards. Details: 45565312

    Sigree: green apple jalebis

    Educated at Lancaster University, Anirudh Chand, 26, decided to take up the franchise of Sigree a�?a�?because Anna Nagar lacked a good north Indian fine-dining restauranta��a��. Discreetly located behind the CromaA� store, the restaurant is packed to overflowing. Offering North West Frontier cuisine and affordable buffets, the bestsellers here like Lucknowi biryani and signature creamy black dal (cooked for 19 hours) jostle for attention with new entrants like Lamb Chops and Paneer Afghani. The pricing is a big draw a�� whole grilled prawn in a Konkan marinade is Rs 450, the buffet starts at Rs 554 (veg).A� The mutton is tender and the kulfi and green apple jalebis are polished off in seconds. Buffet: Rs 604 (non veg) on weekdays. Details: 26201122

    Moti Mahal: kebabs & tikkis2
    With the opening of the 96-seater Moti Mahal Delux Tandoori Trail three months back, Anna Nagar now has authentic signatures from the brand that began in Delhi in 1920, and has a branch in Shollinganallur. Partner, Mohamed Mohshin says, a�?This brand pioneered the Tandoori chicken. It is juicy and tender a�� different from the other versions available.a�? Expect other North Indian staples including their famous butter chicken gravy and daal makhni. A meal for two will cost Rs 800 onwards. Details: 45493234

    Pistachio: dates andA� baby oranges
    Stock up on dried fruits from Thailand and 13 varieties of dates at this spice and nuts store on Second Avenue. There are baby oranges and lemons for tang and mamra almonds for crunch. Gift packs from Rs 400. Details: 45532244

    Cafe Arabica:baklava and tea3
    Owned by the Sea Shell group, popular for their filling shawarmas, this cafe next door has wraps, bakes and flavoured teas. They are mighty proud of their baklava. Meal for two approx Rs 700. Details: 30637528

    Bombay Kulfi:5pistachio and date flavours
    The Coimbatore-based chain sources authentic kulfi from Mumbai. Theya��re all set to open their first outlet in Anna Nagar on September 1, with over 30 flavours, including new ones like choco hazelnut. Details: 7708859752

    Brunchies:cake and pancakes
    From working with JetBlue and MetLife, it has been quite a jump for 36-year-old, Uday Ranganathan who left his corporate life in America to open Brunchies All Day, down Second Avenue last month. Featuring favourites from his seven year stint in the USA, expect a lineup of hoagies like the buffalo-style chicken sandwich with hot sauce and blue cheese (Rs 270), Philly-inspired chicken cheese steaks (Rs 265) with provolone and parmesan cheese, among other dishes at this 40-seater American diner. a�?We are going to go by the reaction of the patrons and alter the menu according,a�? says Ranganathan, adding that the California Berry Crepe is already a hit. Plus, there is Namma Oruu Chicken with biryani (Rs 250) on weekends.
    Details: 45575337

    Spice Crush:combo meals6
    From the Kairali team down Second Avenue comes the 50-seater Spice Crush. Offering wholesome Indian meals, Udhay Nayar says, a�?It has all the options of sapaad without the fuss of a banana leaf!a�? Try the chicken curry meals. Rs 150 onwards. Details: 26205151

    Desert Fruit: Ajwa dates
    Another address for dates, especially the Ajwa variety from Saudi Arabiaw, this dry fruit store also stocks pistachios, juices and cold pressed oils from Gilld.A� Ajwa dates at Rs 2200/kg. Details: 43512140


    Text: Sabrina Rajan & Rosella Stephen


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