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Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned rider, this iconic cruiser has something for everyone.

As a machine that was easy to ride and fix, the Honda Rebel earned quite a reputation among those learning to motorcycle in the ’80s.

And now, there’s a new one that’s coming up in 2017.

It carries over the same core advantages of the Rebel brand, but with a modern touch.

The 2017 Rebel is going to be  available in two powertrain options — a 286cc, single-cylinder motor on the Rebel 300 and a 471cc parallel twin on the Rebel 500. Both engines are borrowed from Honda’s CBR series — the CBR300R and the CBR500R models were kind enough to let the Rebel share their motors.

With a low-seat height, light overall weight and some awesome styling, the new Honda Rebels will surely get a whole new generation introduced to the pleasures of riding.

Ride right

There’s more, because these 2017 Honda Rebels are begging to be customised.

Their simple construction and versatile nature mean that adding a few parts here and there is enough to transform what is essentially an entry-level cruiser for beginners into something that even seasoned riders will enjoy.

In a world where personalisation is big business, the Rebel’s open adaptability will be a sure-shot advantage.

Official pricing is still on its way, but the Rebels shouldn’t be too much off the price tags of their respective CBR counterparts. That puts the Rebel 300 at about $4,399 (approx Rs 3lakh) and the 500 at $5,999 (approx Rs 3.7lakh).

While the Honda Rebel is set to be launched in the US early next year, it makes a lot of sense for Honda to bring it to emerging markets like India. We’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed.

Details: powersports.honda.com

— Muntaser Mirkar  @BullSpeech


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