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    Four experts on what the party scene in India requires right now.

    From Titoa��s in Goa to Monkey Bar and Social,A� the men behind some of the biggest brands in the nightlife industry of the country and members of the advisory board of the newly-introduced India Nightlife Convention & Awards (INCA), talk to us about the party scene in IndiaA� and where it is heading:

    Mumbai-based consultant, Dilip Joshia��who conceptualised projects like Bling in Mumbai a��feels that travel and exposure has made a big difference to the industry, with people emulating what they seeA� abroad. It has lead to the opening of many places today that are on par with international standards, he says.

    Party spot:
    St Tropez in South of France

    Memorable nightlife experience: Back in 2008, in Poison nightclub, we had over 50 girls dancing on the bartop.A�Thata��s when I realised that India has woken up to partying.

    If you have ever been to Goa (for business or pleasure) then Titoa��s is a name you must have come across. The man behind the brand,A� Dilip Joshi, feels that the party scene sees more action now asA�there are bigger acts and bigger DJs being brought down and more advertising, thanks to social media.

    His party spot: London

    Memorable nightlife experience: Privilege in Ibiza where they got trapeze artists. They were dressed as birds with gold dust on their bodiesa��like a full-on circus. This was 15-20 years ago. Ia��ve always tried to improve my place by looking at something like that.

    Mumbai-based restaurateur Riyaaz Amlaani (Salt Water CafA�, Smoke House Deli, Social), believes that a very vibrant creative industry scene (theatre, music performances, bars, museums)A�is the key. a�?You need to make cities pedestrian friendly and you need to make people enjoy public spaces,a�? AmlaaniA� says.

    His party spot: Hong Kong Memorable nightlife experience: RGa��s on Marine Drive. It hasA� many fond memories for me because I spent a lot of my growing up years there. I met my first girlfriend there.

    AD Singh, the name behind brands like Olive, Guppy by ai,A� Monkey Bar, Olive Bistro, Sodabottleop-enerwala, believes that rules, timings and other restrictions of open areas are very important.
    a�?The nightlife has changed from dancing and more hard partying to more lounging, relaxing and chatting,a�? he says.

    His party spot: Barcelona

    Memorable nightlife experience: December 31, 1999, when the millennium was changing, we were at a party at Jimmy Gazdar in Goa. It was a lovely fort and I proposed to my wife that night.

    a�� Simar Bhasin


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