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    Titli actor Shashank Arora gears up to explore anew genre, with sex comedy Brahman Naman

    SHASHANK Arora is a busy man. While the star is excited about the upcoming sex comedy, Brahman Naman, by director Q (Quashiq Mukherjee), the 27-year-old actor is also starring in Rock On 2 and will share the screen with Irrfan Khan and Waheeda Rehman in The Song of Scorpions, which is directed by Anup Singh. There is more, the third movie in his kitty, Bicky, is the first Indian movie to be shot entirely on an iPhone! Here he talks to us about playing the protagonist in Brahman Naman and is candid enough to admit, “I think it will be a battle to get this movie commercially released in India.”

    Quiz master
    Not subjected to certification by CBFC yet, the movie is set to release worldwide on the online platform, Netflix, on July 7. The film promises to take you back to the 1980s and explores gender segregation and the social taboo that surrounds the topic of sex in the country. This satire that made it to the Sundance Film Festival 2016 is written by Naman Ramachandran and is based on his formative years as a quizzer. The Titli actor essays a nerdy quizzer, along with his friends Ajay (Tanmay Dhanania) and Ramu (Chaitanya Varad). They want to win a quiz competition in Kolkata and aim to lose their virginity on the way.

    That 80s show
    Arora, who played a totally different character in  Titli  explains, “Content wise, Brahman Naman is as socially relevant as Titli. We Indians need to talk about sex. This movie also speaks about patriarchy very much like Titli but uses comedy as a medium.” Expect to see comical sexual content like the lead character, Naman making out with a fridge and a ceiling fan. To get into the skin of his character Arora watched several movies from the 80s, as he says quizzing was something he had to do some research on to try and understand Naman’s passion. He adds that the movie is relevant to our times, as we still need “to look at ourselves in the mirror before we get the dirt off our face.”

    Online status
    Talking about the release of the movie online, Arora feels that Netflix is already the next big thing and it’s just that India is only catching up now. “Comedy and cinema in general is a powerful medium which can be used not only to entertain but also affect the mindset of a civilization,” signs off Arora.Brahman Naman releases on Netflix on July 7

    —Saloni Sinha


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