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    There are few taboos here, as Agents of Ishq gets you comfortable with the a�?sa�� word

    Even if you dona��t read a word on it, the website in itself is pretty enough to keep staring at. In fact you might even want it as your wallpaper. But trust us, it would do you good to read every possible link you can find here. Creative director and founder, Paromita Vohra, who also happens to be a columnist and documentary filmmaker, says the idea of doing something like this has been steeping in her mind for a while. a�?A lot of my film-related work looks at love and sex, even when ita��s not about them. Plus Ia��ve been writing about love, and talking to people about their intimate lives, for a while. And then I realised that we talk about sex, but dona��t really a�?talka�� about it. And therea��s always a negative connotation attached to the word. Thata��s when Agents of Ishq was conceived,a�? she explains.
    Vohra is not really known for conventional filmmaking (read: Unlimited Girls, and Morality TV aur Loving Jehad: Ek Manohar Kahani), and therefore Agents of Ishq also had to be unique. a�?I wanted to do something in the new medium, and digital media is the natural progression to everything else.a�?
    This delightfully designed website has columns, stories, podcasts, and videos (to go online in the New Year), and they all talk about love and sex. And theya��ll keep adding to the sections. a�?The three broad subjects discussed here are: sexual information, concepts and experiences. And these three will be explored via all sorts of media,a�? she explains. a�?The plan was to create an inclusive space thata��s open to anyone. You can come and talk about sex, anonymously if you like. The comments are moderated to an extent because we dona��t want abusive language, but other than that, ita��s a space for everyone. Plus I wanted to clear this false notion of what is a�?coola�� when it comes to sex,a�? she adds.
    But ita��s not all for fun on the website. While researching on what could be part of Agents of Ishq, Vohra says, a�?The biggest learning wea��ve had while working on the project is the staggering absence of information on safe sex, consexual sex and its connotations, and on sex education. For instance the a�?sexperta�� columns a�� peoplea��s questions are deep, but responses are rarely beyond a couple of lines. So I want to create a space that is information, fun, kind, and respectful,a�? Vohra adds.
    Details: agentsofishq.com
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