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    Ten-year-old Ananya Ganesh on her debut book and what inspires her. Purchase malegra 100mg

    When a 10-year-old aspires to become a writer, it usually doesnai??i??t get much attention. But city-based sixth grader, Ananya V Ganesh, made us sit up and take note, since she is already a published author. With her collection of short stories, 9 Chocolatey Bites, released recently, Ganesh started writing when she was eight. ai???Most of my stories are connected to my real life experiences and travels. That way, it makes it easier for readers to connect with and appreciate them because theyai??i??d have had similar experiences,ai??? says the Chettinad Harishree Vidyalayam student, on her debut book. Her mother, Jayashree Sundaresan, director for software development at PayPal, says, ai???When Ananya writes something, she shows it to us first, and when she sees us enjoying, it boosts her confidence.ai??? From a banana seller looking to buy a bowl of happiness on his daughterai??i??s request to Maya, who prays to the gods to help her with her school exams (and they actually show up), her stories are meant to be enjoyed by the young and old. ai???The stories bring out the humour in each situation and make readers laugh out loud,ai??? Ganesh says, adding that she has also provided the illustrations. Naming Enid Blyton, JK Rowling and Wendy Mass as authors she looks to for inspiration, she lists how each of them has shaped her own writing.ai???Blytonai??i??s light and fun writing, Rowlingai??i??s richness and descriptiveness, and the depth and determination in Massai??i?? booksai??i??all of them sing out to me,ai??? Ganesh concludes, adding that she is working on several new book ideas now.
    Published by Notion Press. Rs 149 Details: amazon.in

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