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    Objects in the Mirror are Closer Than They Appear is perhaps one of the very few collaborations between object and physical theatre to hit city stages in recent times. Bringing this unique art form to Rangashankara is Tram Theatre and FATS The Arts, led by directors Choiti Ghosh and Faezeh Jalali. Using everyday objects as the main subject, skilled performers serve to enhance the script while the audience is expected to let their imagination flow. a�?Ita��s a very visual medium, where verbal communication is down to a minimum. While it is quite challenging, it is also an exciting project, where the spectators can make their own interpretations and conclusions,a�? Ghosh tells us. Having premiered in Mumbai in December, the play opened to rave reviews and has even been staged on terraces and gardens. a�?It is essentially an outdoorsy play but works great indoors too,a�? she shares. 1
    Getting objective
    In this enactment, a toy car is the star of the show. The script takes its inspiration from the Vedic Varnashrams and Seven Ages of Man by Shakespeare.
    The plot follows the cara��s journey through the hustle and bustle of Mumbai, through the many bumps along the way, the snarling traffic and the everyday sights and sounds one encounters while traveling. The journey of the car is meant to signify the journey of life with actors dressed in black from head to toe, helping to move things along by travelling in the car, so to speak.
    a�?The car here portrays the life of a common man. Audiences will relate to the issues it goes through, be it the serious accident it has or being treated as an outsider
    by its peers,a�? explains Ghosh. The four human performers also double up as landscapes and even provide the sounds that make up a busy city.
    With our lives constantly on the move, the play seeks to show us the importance of slowing down and appreciating life every once in a while.
    April 4 and 5. 3.30 and 7.30 pm.
    At JP Nagar. Tickets (Rs.250)
    on bookmyshow.com

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