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    Steering clear of friends, Niranjan Iyengara��s talk show returns with new celebs

    The format of Look Whoa��s Talking might be the same, but host Niranjan Iyengar has changed plenty. Or so the screenwriter and lyricist tells us. a�?Last season was the first time in front of the camera for me. I didna��t realise how hard it was to be on screen. But now that I am comfortable, you will see me more at ease this time,a�? Iyengar begins, adding that this season there will be stars hea��s not met before or those hea��s not very familiar with. a�?Last year, my guests were almost all friends. This time, there are actors whom I know of, but have met socially once or never at all,a�? he tells us, hinting that we can expect to see Varun Dhawan start the season, with Fawad Khan, Sonakshi Sinha and Tiger Shroff also headed to the couch.
    Picking Dhawana��s episode as his most interesting one because he wanted a�?to see how much hea��d growna��, Iyengar also reveals that the Shroff session will be good as the last time they met was when JuniorA� Shroff was just over a year old. a�?The Fawad Khan episode is also compelling because the first time I met him, was when he sat on my couch.a�?
    a�?Ita��s interesting because I dona��t know all of them personally; I am coming from a curious space with genuine interest,a�? shares Iyengar, elaborating that the first five minutes of the interviews are usually spent gauging each other. a�?Then they realise that I have no agenda, and it turns into a freewheeling chat about themselves. Yes, we do get into the personal details, but I dona��t corner them,a�? says the host, crediting his history in the industry for the fact that the stars open up to him. a�?They dona��t see me as a threat butA� as one of them. So they very quickly realise from my tone that ita��s genuine curiosity. Mahesh Bhatt once told me, when you ask a question from a genuine space of curiosity to know more and not prove a point, the interview will go well,a�? he tells us, and it hasna��t failed him thus far.
    Begins August 23, 9 pm on Zee Cafe

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