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    Actress Rooney Mara on same-sex relationships and wanting to quit Hollywood

    THERE is more to Rooney Mara than the buzz created by her unusual hair-do on the red carpet. The 30-year-old bagged the Cannes best actress award last year for British-American drama Carol, where she plays a shop girl, Therese, who falls in love with an older woman (played by Cate Blanchett). This year, with an Oscar nomination for the same and rumours of Mary Magdalenea��s role falling in her kitty, she talks about her character and the moviea��s vintage elements.

    Does the film have the power to change viewersa�� perspectives on same-sex relationships?
    At its core, ita��s a love story between two humans. People who arena��t as open-minded arena��t going to feel defensive because wea��re not telling them right from wrong. Therea��s a chance for everyone to see these characters as relatable humans. Therea��s so much about Therese that girls can relate to.

    A recent interview said you considered quitting Hollywood early in your career.
    When I said that, I was referring not so much to leaving Hollywood as to not feeling fulfilled by the work I was getting. If I want to act, I only want to do what Ia��m inspired by, and that wasna��t the case for me at that time. Now, Ia��m lucky I get to work with the

    The sets in the film are incredible, particularly the department store.
    That was my favorite set. It felt authentic with the toys and everything. Everything was vintage. Even the display cabinets. Because it was a small budget, they didna��t build any of it, they found vintage stuff.

    Does that apply to the costumes, too?
    All of my costumes were vintage. The one I wear in the scene that bookends the film, was custom-made, based off of a vintage dress. Most of Catea��s were remakes of existing pieces.

    Is there anyone currently working in Hollywood who has a career you really admire?
    Cate is kind of everybodya��s benchmark. Daniel Day-Lewis and Marion Cotillard are two others.

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