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    Offering a�?cleana�? cakes that focus on good ingredients, Nandi Shah plans to come out with salads based on macrobiotic principles next

    She is self taught, driven and constantly working on improvements. Nandi Shah, who started baking professionally just a year ago, is now an expert at baking cakes in any avatar you want. a�?I specialise in gluten-free, eggless, vegan and cakes that are as organic as possible,a�? says the home baker. All of Shaha��s cakes are available in these variants and she prides herself on providing healthy offerings with quality ingredients (think chocolate and cocoa powder from a private farm in Kerala). a�?My USP is simple, no-frills, clean cakes,a�? she shares, and we agree given that her cakes like the almond lavender or the pistachio teacake, are presented sans the creamy, sugary frosting that most bakers resort to finishing with. In fact, a quick glance at her website, restore.net.in, reveals just one cake finished with a sugar dusting.
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    Shah, who supplies cakes to a few cafes in the city, learnt to bake through a�?trial and error,a�? plus a few short courses in Mumbai, New York and Le Cordon Bleu, London. She has also completed a course on macrobiotics at Kushi Institute in Becket MA, and will be coming out with a range of healthy salads a�?based on macrobiotic principles.a�? You will shortly (possibly in a month) be able to place orders for salads made with bulgur wheat, quinoa, couscous and wild rice, shares Shah, who bakes at her kitchen in Saidapet and has delivery points where customers can pick up their orders from. a�?Ita��s usually Saidapet or T Nagar, but if the customer is coming from far, I can meet them at a more convenient place,a�? she says. And just like Shaha��s cakes (also ask for her date nut fancies and seasonal cupcakes) the salads too will be packaged in eco friendly craft paper that is recyclable.
    Cakes from Rs 1,300 a kilo onwards. Details: 9884070315, facebook.com/restorebynandi

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