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    Proof that baking becomes second nature, is Lubna Maryam who picked up her mitts after a 13-year break

    LIBNA1Shea��s particular about the chocolate she uses and insists on not working with icing. a�?Except on the chocolate cupcakes,a�? smiles Lubna Maryam, admitting that ita��s not her way of trying to offer healthy baked treats, rather something that just happened, as her kids were never too fond of the sugary glaze. a�?The butter, sugar and flour are the best part of baking. Enjoy it and work out after,a�? says the mother of four, who started baking nearly 25 years ago, but took a 13-year sabbatical to look after her children. With free time on her hands now, she has donned her mitts once again and started her Facebook page, The Magic Cake Company.

    LIBNA10At her home on College Road, Maryam transforms Morde dark chocolate (a�?the one with a greater quantity of cocoaa�?) into brownies, cupcakes, mousse and more. While she bakes the occasional carrot cake or fruit cake, Maryam has no qualms saying that chocolate is her forte. Called Gluttony, her brownies that ooze molten dark chocolate and lava cake topped with a halved strawberry are best sellers among customers. Her menu on Facebook lists chocolate pie, tarts (chocolate ganache, salted caramel), brownies and cookies (melted chocolate chunk, shortbread, fork cookies) in variants with and without egg, but Maryam also does desserts like chocolate cheesecake and mousse. And if ita��s a birthday cake you seek, she offers a marble pound cake, Texas sheet cake or choco chunk mud cake. But if you still want icing, a�?Therea��s a lot of other home bakers who are doing really elaborate cakes,a�? Maryam smiles.

    Cakes at Rs.1,000 a kilo. Brownies from Rs.375 for half kilo onwards. Details: 9790860768

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