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    Aziz Ansari gets the best actor nod for the Golden Globe Awards nominations, capping a season of achievements by fellow comedians

    Bare all
    American standup comedian and actor Amy Schumer recently posed for the famous Pirelli calendar, helmed by renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz. In this photo session, Schumer is featured practically in the nude and hardly conscious of her curves. The comedian is the creator, co-producer, co-writer, and star of the comedy series Inside Amy Schumer, which airs on Comedy Central. The show was nominated for the Primetime Emmy Awards five times, and won the Outstanding Variety Sketch Series this year. Schumer also starred in the 2015 film, Trainwreck, for which she was the writer, too. In fact, she was also nominated for best actress in a motion picture, musical or comedy category for her role in the film. Incidentally, her best friend Jennifer Lawrence has been nominated for the same category for her film Joy.

    Master stroke
    Actor of Master of None, Aziz Ansari began standup comedy in New York in 2000. It was only seven years later, that he created and starred in the famous MTV show, Human Giant. The show also gave him a break in feature films, including Funny People, I Love You, Man and 30 Minutes or Less. His Netflix show, Master of None (for which he is the writer and actor)a��where he plays himselfa��is what won him the nomination for the Golden Globe Awards. Now while some might wonder why he has been nominated for a�?best actora�� when he plays himself, general opinion has been positive as Ansari is hugely popular with his show. One might recollect news of him turning down a role in the 2007, Transformers, because he refused to do an Indian accent. In fact, the actor says he and his costar Ravi Patel (in Master of None) often debate about accents on screen.

    Laughter therapy
    Borat can never disappear, and this time around Sacha Baron Cohen returns with the comedy flick, The Brothers Grimsby. In the film, Cohen stars as the football-loving Nobby Grimsby who is on the search for his long-lost twin brother, Sebastiana��MI6a��s deadliest spy. The two reunite, but Nobby gets caught up in a mission, and all hell breaks loose. The British standup comedian shot to fame when he created Ali G, Borat Sagdiyev, Bruno Gehard and Admiral General Aladeen. In fact, on a recent Jimmy Kimmel show, Cohen revived Borat and poked fun at Donald Trumpa��s political ambitions. His sense of humour on the show was as offensive as usual.Jerry Seinfeld

    Ace is back
    Guess whoa��s coming back on stage in New York? None other than Jerry Seinfeld. The comedian recently announced that, beginning this January 7, he will be performing every month at Beacon Theater. The actor, whose popular television show, Seinfeld, went off air in 1998, has been doing quite a bit of standup comedy since then. Hea��s currently on a six-month residency at Beacon Theatre, which is big news in itself, and in an interview was reported to have said, a�?Wea��ll see how it goes, and if everybodya��s happy, maybe wea��ll do some more.a�? Therea��s something else thata��s new in Seinfelda��s life. He is performing in Israel this weekend. Hea��s not new to the country though, having volunteered in a kibbutz at the age of 15, and coming back to visit later, but this is his first-ever show in the country.

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