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    Pierre – Artisan Bakery
    Pierre Gregoire grew up in the charming little village of Presles in the south-east of France. a�?Being from a small village we all depended on each other for food,a�? says Gregoire, adding, a�?The baker was very important to the community and baking was an art.a�? He wants to bring that culture to Bengaluru with his month old Pierre – Artisan Bakery.
    You can pick up some freshly baked loafs, baguettes and ciabattas. The kiosk, located in Indiranagar, also sells quick bites like Bruschetta on Garlic Baguette, which comes with tomato, olive tapenade and melted mozzarella, and, our favourite, the French Sandwich, which is toasted panini bread with ratatouille, fresh cheese and herbs. Those with a sweet tooth, can try their homemade Semifreddo Ice Cream served with cooked apples and caramel sauce. To add some zing to your food, pick up a jar of their French honey mustard.
    Their aim is to be local and independent. They have also made a conscious decision to stay away from delivery apps as of now. a�?I want to meet and talk to the customers in person. I am still learning and figuring out the city and I find that is the best way to do it,a�? Gregoire concludes.
    Rs 80 upwards. At Indiranagar. Details: 9901353623

    Baked by Skinny Pete
    Operating out of the popular Mariaa��s Goan Kitchen, Peter Fernandeza��s new cafe-cum-bakery turns out everything from dessert to sandwiches. Fernandez quit his job with Zomato a couple of years ago to put all his efforts into this venture, called Baked by Skinny Pete, which boasts a menu that pushes the limits when it comes to baked goods.
    a�?Gourmet sandwiches are very rare in the market as very often, chefs reserve all their creativity for burgers,a�? says Fernandez. Some of the highlights are the Balsamic Roasted Portobello Mushroom sandwich and the Sausage and Pepper Chipotle Grilled Cheese.
    Fernandez loves French desserts and some of the baked delicacies are the Mixed Berry Roulade, an old-fashioned dessert with an almond sponge and fresh berry compote and the Tart Au Citron, a shortcrust pastry with a lemon custard and meringue filling.
    a�?Everything is handmade. I dona��t like using machines and devices to create the desserts. Like for my pies, the dough is made by hand and even shaped by me, a�? he reveals.

    Rs 150 upwards. At Koramangala. Details: 9632743408

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