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    Getting in shape just got cooler, with Reeboka��s new gear inspired by sports cars and jet engines

    Reebok is getting leaner and trimmer. It has shed its associations with sportswear and repositioned itself as a fitness brand. It wants to inspire people to a�?movea��. The change is reflected in their new logoa��the Reebok Deltaa��their products and their new campaign, Live with Fire. a�?Regular fitness will benefit you in three ways: physical, mental and social. And our campaign, with brand ambassadors M S Dhoni, John Abraham and Nargis Fakhri, will inspire people to push themselves beyond their limits and embrace an active life,a�? says Somdeb Basu, the brand director of Reebok India.

    Somdeb Basu

    Somdeb Basu

    Of tires and engines
    In keeping with their philosophy, the brand has come out with products that target specific workoutsa��from running, walking, swimming and Crossfits to gymming, cycling, dancing and yoga. a�?We have created a dance shoe for people into Zumba, created keeping the moves of Latin dance in mind,a�? says Basu. Serious running enthusiasts have quite a few new entries to choose from, too, like the Z series of shoes. The sole of the Z Quick (`8,999) is inspired by ZRATED tires of sports cars, which provide superior handling and control. a�?It gives stability, helps people run faster and make quick turns,a�? says Basu, adding that in June, the Z Jet will be launcheda��a lightweight and flexible shoe thata��s modelled on the jet engine propulsion method, giving you the feel of running on air.

    Stand out
    Reeboka��s new stores showcase their new vision perfectly. a�?Our Fit Hub stores (Chennaia��s latest is in T Nagar) are more than shops, they are fit gyms. Besides products (demarcated according to activity), you have training classes and experts to guide you on what to buy depending on your needs,a�? says Basu. Their apparel, with its Play Dry technology, customised construction (designed for specific activities), and bold colours are extremely popular, too.

    Growing its name as a brand that stands by good living, Reebok is also venturing out of the retail space, with programmes like BOKSa��a 20-minute programme designed to help kids have fun and stay fita��and the Reebok Running Squad, which sends out experts to help people master the correct running form. a�?Wea��ve successfully done this in Delhi, BangaloreA� and Mumbai. We will be coming to Chennai in a month,a�? concludes Basu. Details: reebok.com

    -Surya Praphulla Kumar


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