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    Word to aspiring radio presenters: dona��t use the medium as a filler in your already adventurous life. A fresh voice will get established only if it is allowed to hang around the frequency for a long time. Ita��s as simple as that. There are no short-cuts if you want to be the listenera��s favourite. The thought process followed today by newcomers is enlightening. The aspirants stroll into a station thinking that in a week they will be signing autographs; but they are almost immediately hit by a bolt of lightninga��their staggeringly low take-home salary.
    This is radio and not an IT firm, where you are expected to turn up educated. As a presenter on radio, you could have failed twice in the fifth grade and dropped out by the eighth gradea��anything flies as long as you can speak well. No Harvard education required. But you do need to spend time on-air to get noticed. After that the amount that is due will come to you (hopefully).
    All this doesna��t happen in two weeks. Today, there are presenters who cut interviews with film directors after which they prostrate themselves, pleading to be given a role in their next movie. Actors Shiva and Sendil of Radio Mirchi and Big FMa��s Balaji spent years on-air before they heard the words a�?Actiona��. They had a passion for the medium and wanted nothing out of it. Ita��s the long road they decided to take that has paid off.
    If you are planning to join radio in presentera��s clothing and later reveal the actor in you, I suggest you line up in front of film production houses insteada��that will cut your long story short. This is radio and if you want to get the listenersa�� nod, then bite the bullet (the low salary, that is) and spend time with them. See you next week.

    The writera��s views expressed here are entirely in his personal capacity.



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