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    Crea-Shakti throws the spotlight on daily issues through their online videos Trazodone price

    AFTER an active and successful theatre season in 2016, the folks at Crea-Shakti look to continue their stint this year too, except on another level. Going digital for the first time, the Chennai-based theatre group has released online videos to cater to a larger audience. ai???Live is and will always be our forte. But the digital space is the new form of communication today, and we need to harness it. We have a talent pool of people who can do the right work at the right time,ai??? says Dushyanth Gunashekar, founder and creative head at Crea-Shakti.

    A video on a current topic plaguing our society will be released every Saturday under the title The Hashtag Series. ai???We always have someone assigning a hashtag and the rest of the world goes with it. Here, we call you to make your own. Itai??i??s not about trending online, itai??i??s about getting the right thing to trend,ai??? he adds. Talking about the luxuries of the chaotic democracy the web provides, Dushyanth points out that while people are quick to form opinions, content creators need to tread the same path with a little more caution. ai???Itai??i??s only when the messenger takes a stance that heai??i??s shot. We want to put the facts out and facilitate a dialogue among our viewers. Their judgements are up to them,ai??? he adds.

    With a list of concepts in mind, the first in line, Worry Variai, deals with the sad state of lyrics in the Tamil music industry. ai???Most songs that come out today, either directly or indirectly, objectify or sexualise a topic or group. So through the first one, we have people coming up and reading different lyrics and giving their hashtags telling us what they feel,ai??? says Harish Adithya, the creative director of the series. Confirming eight to 10 episodes in total, he adds that the plan is to create a mashup looking back at the various issues the videos have helped form opinions about.

    Details: facebook.com/creashakthi

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