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    On GISKAA, discover pickles from Nagaland, shawls from Assam and handmade soaps from Manipur

    The naga pepper, one of the hottest chilli peppers measured on the Scoville scale, can now be used to flavour your food at home. In just one click, the week-old website GISKAA gives you access to all things Northeastern. With products from eight Northeastern statesA� a��A� uwahati, Gangtok,ttdlead-(1) Imphal, Itanagar, Shillong, Kohima, Agartala and Aizwal a�� the website offers fashion, food, home dA�cor, office accessories and the regiona��s traditional music, too. One of the founders, Meghanath Singh, says, a�?This website is about connecting the largely inaccessible geography and culture of the Northeastern people to the rest of India, by promoting its artisans and their unique products, through a globally accessible online platform.a�?
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    If you havena��t guessed by now, GISKAA is a combination of the first letters of the states whose products they promote. Started by three founders and ex-IT employees a�� Singh, Surchand Wahengbam and Ratheesh ttdA5Elayat a�� itis now a 28-member team that is headquartered in Bengaluru, with product specialists and warehouse staff in the Northeast region. Focussing on handmade and eco-friendly products, on offer are muga silk saris and shawls from Manipur, eri silk stoles and shawls from Assam and churidar kameez from Manipur, among others. a�?The 100 per cent silk and handmade cotton clothing is particularly suitable for the warmer climates of places like Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai,a�? says Singh, 40, whose website also offers pickles and organic products like natural honey, spices and herbs. Currently averaging around 1,200 visitors a day, and growing at a rate of 60 per cent every week, GISKAA plans to widen its network by launching mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows devices soon. And if things go well, you will see their products in airports and cultural centres, too.
    Priced between RsA� 82 and
    Rs 74,375. Details: 080 69416941, giskaa.com

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