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    A jewellery festival by designer Ahalya celebrates exclusive nose ornaments Cheap eldepryl side

    Ever wondered why they say that good things come in small packages? Ahalyaai??i??s collection of nose rings shows you why. Known for her precision and elegant lines in designing, her latest line of nose rings, from her three-year-old eponymous brand, is on display at her boutique at Kingsley this week. Expect delicate floral motifs and fine craftsmanship. Talking about her ornament of choice, city-based Ahalya S says, ai???Nose rings are neglected in most jewellery collections. To me, they are like baby clothes ai??i?? though tiny, there is scope for a lot of detailing.ai???

    Crafted from both 18k and 22k gold (based on requirement) into exquisite petal designs with rubies, emeralds and other precious stones, this collection will feature over 75 designs. If you havenai??i??t mustered the courage to get a piercing yet, check out their sample clip-ons to try and arrive at the right look. ai???If you do decide, we have a traditional goldsmith who can arrange a piercing,ai??? she says. And even if you donai??i??t, Ahalya offers you a polaroid picture as a keepsake.

    Featuring handmade jewellery crafted by city-based goldsmiths, the pieces are exclusive to the brand. ai???Repeats are a rarity. And even if a piece is reproduced, it may not be an exact replica.ai??? While nose rings are usually not made to order, the festival will open up the brand to a range of customisation and bespoke requests. With an almost obsessive interest in the materials used, Ahalya does not restrict herself to only precious stones and metal, but experiments with unconventional elements like Trilobite in her other lines. ai???The first Trilobite piece I made was a few years ago. It was a diamond encrusted, pebble-shaped drop earring and pendant set,ai??? she recalls, fondly.

    Rs 8,000 onwards. At Kingsley.
    On till January 15.
    Details: 9677074108

    ai??i?? Rebecca Vargese


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