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    Get a taste of the 250-year-old luxe bubbly Cattier, all the way from Montagne de Reims, France

    Much before my first sip of champagne, I was always in awe of the pale gold bubbly liquid. Gradually, I became familiar with the fine nuances of some of the prominent champagne houses such as Dom PA�rignon, MoA�t & Chandon, Taittinger, Veuve Clicquot, Bollinger, Louis Roederer, and several others. Recently, I met Jean-Jacques Cattier, President of Cattier Champagne, in town to celebrate their 250th anniversary. Full of joie de vivre, the charming Frenchman vividly described his family-owned French champagne house in the Montagne de Reims part of Champagne. a�?We sell a million bottles annually, exporting more than half to nearly 100 countries and have introduced two of our labels in Bangalore in partnership with Kristal Spirits,a�? he tells us, adding, a�?A wine producer once told me that champagne makers sell dreams a�� true, because it is a fabulous celebratory product, perfect for exchange and friendship.a�?

    On that happy note, I first tasted the Cattier Brut Vinotheque 2005 (`4200), a delicious vintage made from a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Munier and Pinot Noir. The floral and fruity aromas, hints of citrus, honey and green apple make it work as an aperitif or with meat, duck or fish. The semi-sweet Cattier Brut RosA� (`4,900) with its light pinkness is fresh and delightful with aromas of red berries. A perfect aperitif or with desserts and cheese.
    Available at select wine boutiques. Details: 41251137

    a��Aslam Gafoor
    Foodie, wine lover and travel enthusiast



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