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    We Are Kora brings vibrant and traditional art to the day bag

    DO YOU know whata��s special about this flower?a�? quizzes Saketh Singh, as he rolls out a biscuit-coloured cotton tote with an intricate pen-and-ink sketch of a blossom. a�?It is the cannonball, the state flower of Pondicherry!a�? It is such oft-forgotten elements that form the bedrock of newly launched Pondicherry brand, We Are Kora. The founders, Indian-German couplea��architect Saketh Singh and freelance media professional Steffi Kirstenpfada��chose the element of nostalgia to distinguish themselves from other fashion merchandise brands.

    The beginning
    Their first line of products, is a collection of totes that depict profiles of enigmatic Varanasi rishis with matted beards and vermilion smeared foreheads, performers of Theyyam, and the Indian lotus. We Are Koraa��s products a�� sling bags, organic canvas clutches, posters and even ties, fall into six categories: people of India, cultures, customs and traditions, flora and fauna, products made in India and mythical characters.

    Green course
    While the accessories are designed by a collective of artists and design students, the brand is keen on keeping its production eco-friendly. Organic GOT certified cotton from Southern Tamil Nadu is weaved in solar-powered looms in Auroville. After the bags are tailored in Pondicherry, they are packed in recyclable cardboard boxes with butter paper wrapping.
    The branda��s name is unusual. Humming the opening line of a�?Kora Kagaza��, Saketh says, Kora means different things in different languagesa�� a blank , a beautiful woman, a musical instrument.

    Rs 600 upwards. Details: worldartcommunity.com

    a��Olympia Shilpa Gerald


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