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    Mumbaia��s Sandhya Oza on her journey to Mrs UK top 10, fitness, and fashion

    Sandhya Ozaa��s approach to beauty is wholesome. a�?Ita��s not just about tasteful clothing or perfectly made-up hair. Ita��s also about taking care of yourself, your body, your skin, paying attention to what you eat and exercising regularly,a�? she begins. And thata��s probably the reason she made it to the top 10 of Mrs World UK 2014 contest.
    Originally from Mumbai, Oza moved to Chelmsford, Essex in 2000 after her husbanda��s transfer there. At London, Oza held classes in Indian cooking, giving people an idea of what it really is about. a�?People think that we only eat greasy stuff. But I had an opportunity to showcase the healthy side of Indian food and I took it,a�? she says. She has also been interviewed on BBC radio and has participated in the bi-annual Essex food shows.

    More than beauty
    Urged by her friends and family to participate in Mrs World UK, she sent in her application and since she holds a UK citizenship, she received a positive response. a�?I really liked the selection process because they take into consideration your personality, and they even score you on how you interact with your husband during the interview, which requires your significant other to be present too,a�? she explains.
    The mother of Ahaan and Ananya, aged nine and 10 respectively, Oza makes time to be in perfect shape for the big event with a combination of personal training, yoga and healthy, balanced nutrition. a�?Eating healthy is a lifestyle choice for my family and not just because of the pageant.

    The right
    combination of proteins and carbohydrates is key,a�? she explains. The winner of the event will go on to represent the United Kingdom at the Mrs World 2014 pageant to be held in Bulgaria during the first week of May. With her hair treatment being done by Paul Mitchell and being dressed by Anjali Sharma, Oza is all geared up to take the pageant by storm. The contest is to be held in three rounds a�� evening, fashion and business, for which Ozaa��s outfits include a nude gown, a toga dress and a shift dress and business jacket.

    Keeping up appearances
    The dusky beauty is also a certified image consultant from Image Consulting Business Institute, which is backing her participation in the event. Expressing her opinion about the need for image consultants, she stresses on the importance of dressing appropriately. a�?My motto is a�?the right clothes for the right occasiona��. Also there are other factors like body shape, face shape and the right colours, that I keep in mind when I put my look together,a�? she shares.

    Mrs UK is to be held on March 23. Details: mrsworlduk.com

    a�� Rashmi Rajagopal


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