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    Andamen shirts give you a heritage masterclass

    At Andamen.com, every shirt has a story to tell a�� stories deeply entrenched in the rich mythological and cultural landscape of ancient India. a�?The idea is to bring to light the unexplored part of Indian folklore and tradition,a�? begins founder, Siddharth Suri. Sharing how the idea took root, he says, a�?It was back when I was studying at Wharton, in 2013, that I realised that there were no Indian high street brands leveraging the cultural heritage of the country. Everything was either too luxurious or too ethnic. I wanted to start something that would strike a fine balance between the two.a�? Suri, who is based in Delhi, was later joined by his then girlfriend, now wife and co-founder, Satwika and in December 2015, Andamen was born. Specialising in premium shirts for men, the label has two lines a�� Heritage and Signature.
    Ita��s the former that is their USP and something he feels strongly about. a�?With our heritage line wea��d like to go below the surface. For example, if you take a look at our collection called Tyohaar, wea��ve taken inspiration from the Desert and Hemis festivals,a�? he shares. Based on a relatively unknown Ladakhi Buddhist festival, the Hemis line features motifs borrowed from Buddhist temples, while the Rajasthani Desert festival is depicted by camel motifs. The signature collections on the other hand include timeless shirts, in classy shades from muted greens to pale blues.
    Made from 140 thread count Egyptian Giza cotton, Suri says his shirts could well be in the same league as Hugo Boss, Gant, Hackett London and Brooks Brothers.
    Rs 3,000 upwards. Details: andamen.com

    a�� Rashmi Rajagopal Lobo


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