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    Two Harley-Davidson biker girls, on what they think of  the new models designed for the urban woman

    When someone says Harley-Davidson, you immediately think cruiser, chrome, loud and heavy. But the American motorcycle manufacturer, that has been synonymous with the bad-boy image since the 1900s, seem to be looking at a whole new market with their new models specifically designed for women. With the Street 500 and Street 750 (expected to roll out in the next few weeks), Harley-Davidson set aside the bulky fuel tanks and generous chrome accents for an all-black look, lower seats, smaller handle grips and altered footpeg positions as well. But what do the ladies have to say about this?

    Durga Das (riding)

    Durga Das (riding)

    “The new models are nice. Light. But more like city bikes,” says Durga Das, an entrepreneur and the only female Harley owner in the city. “They could be tiring on longer rides, but for the city they should be great,” reasons Das, who owns a Forty-Eight. Das is, however, stoked about the new electric bike that the brand has started touring across America. Her enthusiasm is not shared by the first woman to buy a Harley in the country.

    Sheeja Mathews

    Sheeja Mathews

    While Sheeja Mathews feels that the electric bike lacks the ‘thump’ that one looks for in a Harley, the new models for ladies just might increase their numbers, she feels.

    “But today, women are going in for heavier bikes like the Street Glide,” she points out. Mathews is a proud owner of a custom Iron 883, and though she has heard many female bikers express interest in the British motorcycle Triumph that recently launched in the country, the Bangalore-based HR professional is confident that Harley will have a loyal following.
    The Street 750 is priced from Rs.4,10,000 onwards. Details: harley-davidson.com

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