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    The Martian
    Director: Ridley Scott
    Cast: Matt Damon, Chiwetel Ejiofor
    This yeara��s instalment of a sci-fi movie has astronaut Mark Watney (Damon) being stranded on Mars, after a fierce storm hits the planet. Now he has to figure out a way to connect with his crew at the NASA. And, he does that in the most ingenious way possible. Comparsion with Gravity and Interstellar are inevitable. But The Martian, unlike these two, doesna��t tug at heartstrings. Nonetheless, ita��s a great watch. Cracking the science of growing potatoes 54.6 million kilometers away from the Earth is certainly the high point. And, the dialogues add to the celebration of a�?colonising Marsa�?, when Watney says, a�?In your face, Neil Armstronga�?. Damon is entertaining!
    a��Team Indulge

    Director: Meghna Gulzar
    Cast: Irrfan Khan, Konkona Sen Sharma, Neeraj Kabi
    Over the course of 132 minutes, the film offers three contradictory accounts of the case based around the 2008 Aarushi Talwar murder mystery a�� making the parents (Sen Sharma and Kabi) look guilty, innocent or a victim of media trial. The entry of Central Department of Investigation officer Ashwin Kumar (Khan) turns the case around. Khana��s performance is superlative. So is the cinematography of the film, lending it a gritty documentary feel. Director Meghna Gulzar has made a brave film. Do watch it.a�� TI

    The Intern
    Director: Nancy Meyers
    Cast: Robert De Niro, Anne Hathaway
    Bored with his retirement and doing nothing, 70-year-old Ben Whittaker (Niro) decides to apply for an internship at a fashion house. His boss though is his complete opposite. To start with, the CEO Jules Ostin (Hathaway) is many many years younger than him and has perpetually no time for her personal life. In some time, the boss warms up to the older intern and starts looking up for advice to put her life back in order. The Intern is a slice-of-life filmd that explores relationships, age gap and gender roles in a company. Niro and Hathaway make it memorable.
    a�� Team Indulge


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