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    The Good Dinosaur

    Director: Peter Sohn Cast: Raymond Ochoa, Frances MCDormand, Steve Zahn
    What if the asteroid that took the dinosaurs out missed Earth altogether? The Good Dinosaur is about Arlo, an Apatosaurus, who makes a human friend, and together they travel a strange and risky land. It is also where Arlo learns to conquer fear. One of the most beautiful films to have come from Pixar in recent times, The Good Dinosaur tugs at your heart strings, irrelevant of
    how old you are. And of course its visual style helps to make the film one of the must-watches this season.


    Angry Indian Godesses

    Director: Pan Nalin
    Cast: Sandhya Mridul, Tannishtha Chatterjee, Sarah-Jane Dias, Anushka Manchanda
    Indiaa��s first a�?female buddya�� film has lived up to the hype that has been built around it. In the film, Friedaa��s (Jane-Dias) buddies fly down to Goa to attend her wedding, and at the bachelorette party, the ladies get nostalgic about their good ola�� days. As time passes, they open up about gender inequality they face at work. The fun and breezy track looses steam after the interval.The directora��s effort to bring out the a�?angera�� of the ladies to justify the title comes across as slightly contrived. Nevertheless, these girls are great to hang out with. Do watch. on.

    In the heart of the sea

    Director: Ron Howard
    Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Cillian Murphy, Tom Holland
    Inspired by the shipwreck that led to Herman Melvillea��s A�Moby Dick, and Nathaniel Philbricka��s 2000 best seller, a�?In the Heart A�of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex, In the Heart of the Sea explores the story of the sinking of the whaling boat Eseex from two perspectives – one of the first mate Owen Chase (Hemsworth) and the other of Thomas Nickerson (Tom Holland and Brendan Gleeson). And while there is enough special effects to keep us interested as the boat faces calamity at sea, the filmmaker hasA�hardly been able to delve into the actual story, despite having two hours to do so.

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