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    Director: Raja Krishna Menon
    Cast: Akshay Kumar, Nimrit Kaur

    The film retells the story of Indiaa��s historic event of the Kuwait evacuation in the a��90s. Here, Indian construction tycoon Ranjit Katyala��s (Kumar) world comes crashing down when Saddam Husseina��s men invade Kuwait. While Katyal could have escaped to a safer haven by leveraging his clout, he stays back and strategises the evacuation of 1,70,000 Indians stranded in the Gulf country. Kumar delivers his career best performance. While the director has simplified what would have been a rather daunting evacuation process, done with the help of 488 Air India flights, the film is highly recommended. a�� TI


    Director: David O Russell
    Cast: Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro, Bradley Cooper

    Ita��s a half-fictionalised biopic of Joy Mangano (Lawrence), an unemployed housewife who becomes a millionaire by inventing the a�?Miracle Mopa��. But the story is beyond the business of mops, which gets her to work along with TV producer Neil Walker (Cooper). Ita��s also a tale about her supremely dysfunctional family that often leads to comical situations, and how Mangano handles the roller-coaster of emotions in her life. A good watch for sure. a�� TI

    The 5th Wave

    Director: J Blakeson
    Cast: ChloA� Grace Moretz, Nick Robinson, Zackary Arthur

    Cassie Sullivan (Moretz) is a happy-go-lucky high school girl. Her world shatters when an aliencraft lands in her neighbourhood in Ohio, and unleashes four waves of increasingly deadly attacks on Earth. Now, she is endlessly on the run trying to save her younger brother Sam (Arthur), with help from her crush, Parish (Robinson). The film is based on Rick Yanceya��s 2013 novel of the same name, but doesna��t do justice to it. The dialogues are ridiculous, and direction lacks the punch. Watch it only if you dona��t judge
    sci-fi movies.
    a�� Team Indulge


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