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    Ghayal Once Again
    Director: Sunny Deol
    Cast: Sunny Deol, Soha Ali Khan
    Being a sequel, the film picks up from where Rajkumar Santoshia��s Ghayal ended a�� 26 years ago. Its protagonist Ajay Satyakam Mehra is now older, and angrier. He is also an investigative journalist in Mumbai, and sort of an icon for the youth. You will see him protecting four youngsters, who accidentally record a murder, from the villains of the film. The plot has its heart in the right place, but Deol, as a director, has unnecessarily tried to make the film larger-than-life, and even roped in firangi villains. Cut the excesses, and the film is decent enough. Deol reprises his award-winning act quite well. a��Team Indulge

    The Finest Hour
    Director: Craig Gillespie
    Cast: Chris Pine, Eric Bana and Casey Affleck
    The movie recreates the little-known 1950s rescue mission, in which a four-man team of coast guards risked their lives, steering into rough seas to reach a crippled oil tanker to save 30 lives. The movie is a perfect entertainer, especially if you watch it on IMAX. With a few gripping scenes, and strong performances by Pine, Bana and Affleck, it makes for a good disaster drama. And if you enjoyed the recent In The Heart of The Sea, this flick is way better. a�� TI

    The Choice
    Director: Ross Katz
    Cast: Benjamin Walker,
    Teresa Palmer
    Based on the 2007-novel by pulp romance author Nicholas Sparks, The Choice is a slightly cheesy romantic drama that perhaps sets the mood for Valentinea��s Day. The story is set in an ideal all-American community where a boy (Walker) meets his neighbour and falls in love with her only to find out later that she is dating someone else. Though the duo find true love in each other, the twist in the tale is when Palmera��s boyfriend discovers the relationship. The movie is an escapist fantasy and can be watched just once. a�� TI



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