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    Ki & Ka







    Director: R Balki
    Cast: Kareena Kapoor Khan, Arjun Kapoor
    Ad guru and filmmaker Balki has always broken new grounds in Bollywood, talk of Cheeni Kum, Paa, and Shamitabh. Ki & Ka sadly falls short of becoming a game changer. For the uninitiated, the film tries to break the stereotypical image of a husband and a wife. Here, Kia (Khan) thinks marriage will ruin her corporate career. Enters Kabir Bansal (Kapoor), who doesna��t mind being the house-husband to her. Then begins the downfall of the film, due to horrific gender stereotyping. Khan, and Kapoor do a good job, but their chemistry isna��t all that great. Watch it if you have to. a�� TI

    Love Games

    Director: Vikram Bhatt | Cast: Patralekha, Gaurav Arora,
    Tara Alisha Berry
    Ramona Raichand (Patralekha) thrives on danger. Her boyfriend, Sam (Arora), goes along with Ramonaa��s questionable plans. The two decide to make things interesting by having a three-way. Things take a turn when Sam starts having real feelings for one of the girls the duo seduced. The whole film is built on cheap thrills, has a terribly weak script, and is beyond salvation.
    a�� Team Indulge



    Jungle Book

    Director: Jon Favreau
    Cast: Neel Sethi, Ben Kingsley, Bill Murray, Idris Elba
    Based on the story that most of us grew up on, The Jungle Book was awaited with bated breath across the country. The plot follows Mowgli (Sethi), an orphan, raised by wolves and mentored by the panther Bhageera (Kingsley) and the bear Baloo (Murray). Sher Khan (Elba), the lion who had a few unsavoury brushes with humans, wants Mowgli dead. But the other friendly animals will do anything to save him. With great special effects, authentic replication of an Indian forest, and an engaging storyline, this one is definitely worth a watch. a�� TI



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