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    Dear Zindagi

    Director: Gauri Shinde

    Cast: Shahrukh Khan, Alia Bhat

    Director Gauri Shinde always brings unspoken but obvious real life situations to the screen.

    Through Dear Zindagi, she explores the taboo topic of mental health and illnesses. Kaira (Alia) is an ambitious and upcoming cinematographer. But the young girl has her own share of issues that see her sink into depression. Dr Jug (SRK) is the therapist who helps bring her back to normal again. Itai??i??s a beautifully made film and is definitely worth a watch.


    Director: Denis Villeneuve

    Cast: Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner

    This science-fiction film, based on a short story by Ted Chiang, follows a linguist and a theoretical physicist as they make contact with an alien fleet hovering over our planet. Adams has given a stellar performance and the intelligent plot is designed to make the viewer think hard.

    ai??i??Team Indulge

    Kavalai Vendam Cheap pilex himalaya

    Director: Deekay

    Cast: Jiiva, Kajal Agarwal

    A rom-com, this film depicts a coupleai??i??s relationship over the years, the break-up and the patch-up. It seems like a futile attempt to replicate Hollywood growing-of-age comedies like American Pie. With the humour being puerile and at times suggestive and off-colour, itai??i??s not a very inspiring scenario.

    Also, after taking up such a theme, the director seems hesitant or unable to go the whole way. The screenplay deteriorates as the narration progresses. There is noAi??let-downAi??in style. Itai??i??s the content that disappoints.

    ai??i?? Malini Mannath



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