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    The Judge
    Director: David Dobkin
    Cast: Robert Downey Jr, Robert Duvall
    Hank (Downey Jr) is forced to defend his estranged father, Joseph (Duvall), who becomes entangled in a murder/manslaughter case, after attendingA� his wifea��s funeral. Although a bit flaky, the actors make it worth the watch with compelling scenes together.
    a�� Team Indulge

    Happy New Year
    Director: Farah Khan
    Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Deepika Padukone
    Farah Khan does it again, with her glitzy, star-studded film raking in the moolah from day one. Charlie (Khan) wants to take revenge on Charan Grover (Shroff) whose betrayal leads to his father dying in jail. Padukone plays a dancer, Mohini. Watch it for the glamour quotient, but dona��t expect a story of any substance.

    Director: Hari
    Cast: Vishal, Shruti Haasan
    There may not be any novelty in its plotting, but the ingredients are cleverly blended and represented. Vishal strikes the right chord and Shruti looks gorgeous. It centres on family bonding, separations and reunion, and a common villain. The pace is fast and furious, high on emotions,with adrenaline -pumping chases and fights. But the second half slackens a tad. The film could have been trimmed. An unpretentious family entertainer, ita��s ideal festival fare.

    a��Malini MannathA�A�A�A�A�A�


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