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    Gone Girl
    Director: David Fincher
    Cast: Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris
    Based on the novel by Gillian Flynn (who has also worked on the screenplay) Gone Girl is an intense dissection of the state of modern marriage, personified in the characters of Nick (Affleck) and Amy (Pike), the picture postcard American couple. With incredible performances from Affleck and Pike, the film is deeply unsettling.

    a�� Team Indulge

    Director: David Ayer
    Cast: Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman, Jon Bernthal, Michael PeA�a
    A solid war film, Fury gives us a behind-enemy-lines look at the lives of American soldiers in the heart of Nazi Germany during WWII. Having survived a long term of duty together, Don a�?Wardaddya�� Collier (Pitt) and his close crew are just coping with the death of their comrade who is replaced by Norman (Lerman).

    Nerungi Va Muthamidathe
    Director:A� Lakshmy Ramakrishnan
    Cast: Shabeer, Piaa Bajpai
    The title is catchy, ita��s the film that fails to touch a chord. Set against the backdrop of a fuel crisis, ita��s about the events in the life of a lorry driver as he transports fuel clandestinely for his employer. The screenplay meanders, and the treatment is at times amateurish. The narration frequently moves back and forth in time, with turns and twists adding no new interest or conviction to the narration. A plot with potential, but the director fails to capitalise on it.
    A�a��Malini Mannath


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