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    Mad Max : Fury RoadDirector: George Miller

    Cast: Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult
    Set in a post-apocalyptic future when resources like food, water and oil are scarce, humans live in what is called The Citadel under a despotic leader. Furiosa (Theron) leads a group of rebels to over throw the despotA� and escape from the wasteland. Teaming up with lone ranger Max (Hardy), the rebels take you on a series of high-octane fights through the desert. Miller takes action to a new level.

    Team Indulge

    Bombay Velvet
    Director: Anurag Kashyap
    Cast: Ranbir Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Karan Johar
    A period drama set in a time when India just won ita��s freedom, this film sees Kapoor as an ordinary street fighter with big dreams. He catches the eye of Kaizad (Johar) who gives him the name Johnny and uses him as a facade for his nefarious crimes, and gets him to open up a club to help continue his illegal activities. But Johnny falls for jazz singer Rosie (Sharma). While Kapoor stands out as the lead, the film fails in terms of predictable drama and a long-drawn story-line.

    Purampokku Engira Podhuvudamai
    Director: S P Jhananathan
    Cast: Arya, Shaam,
    Vijay Sethupathy, Karthika
    It tracks the journey of three men, a revolutionary sentenced to be hanged, a reluctant hangman and an upright cop. Meticulously etched, deftly Purampokku-Engira-Podhuvudamai-Stills-18executed, the characters are well fleshed out, the performances finely tuned. The second half with its many edge-of-the-seat moments, more than compensates for the glitches in the early part. Gripping for the most part, it is a film worth a watch.

    a��Malini Mannath


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