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Welcome Back
Director: Anees Bazmee
Cast: John Abraham, Shruti Haasan, Nana Patekar, Anil Kapoor, Paresh Rawal
After eight years, Bazmee is ready with a sequel to Welcome, minus Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif from the main cast. In this, Doctor Ghunghrooa��s (Rawal) step-son Ajju (Abraham) wants to marry Ranjana (Haasan), the step-sister of don Uday Shetty (Patekar). The plot echoes Welcomea��s original storyline, as do the sexist jokes and loud dialogues. Watch only for Patekar and Kapoora��s camaraderie. a��TI

The Transporter Refueled
Director: Camille Delamarre
Cast: Ed Skrein, Ray Stevenson, Loan Chabanol, Radivoje Bukvic
Former special-ops mercenary Frank Martin (Skrein) gets a call from a mysterious woman Anna (Chabanol) to help her carry out a bank heist. But her plan gets Martina��s father kidnapped. The Transporter reboot offers its share of great car chases and
extravagant stunts, but the younger Skrein fails to reinstate the persona of Jason Statham as Martin. a�� Team Indulge

Shea��s FunnyA�That Way
Director: Peter Bogdanovich
Cast: Imogen Poots, Owen Wilson, Kathryn Hahn, Rhys Ifans
Hollywood historian-critic Peter Bogdanovich returns to the big screen after 14 years with this love triangle which pans out on the sets of a broadway production. Director Arnold Albertson (Wilson) casts escort-turned-actress Izzy (Poots) in a new play, alongside his wife and her ex-lover. While this cana��t be compared with Bogdanovicha��s hugely popular Whata��s Up, Doc?, it isna��t a bummer. A seamless screenplay woulda��ve made it a breezy treat.
a�� TI


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