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    Snoopy and Charlie Brown a�� The Peanuts Movie

    Director: Steve Martino
    Cast: Noah Schnapp, Hadley Belle Miller
    Charles M Schulza��s Peanuts cartoon panels, dating back to half a century, have always been delightfully familar and so is this movie. The self-depreciating Chuck tries to win over a girl and the plot, in endearing 3D effects, showcases this in its characteristic simplicity.


    The Good Dinosaur

    Director: Peter Sohn
    Cast:A� Raymond Ochoa,
    Jack Bright, Sam Elliott
    The Good Dinosaur is about Arlo, an Apatosaurus, who makes a human friend, and together they journey across a strange and risky land. It is also where Arlo learns to conquer fear. One of the most beautiful films to have come from Pixar in recent times, this movie tugs at your heart strings, irrelevant of how old you are. And of course its visual style helps to make the film a must-watch this season.



    Director: Raviarasu
    Cast: Atharvaa, Sridivya
    The movie is about an athlete who comes to Chennai for a sports meet and gets entangled in the affairs of some criminal elements. But the sports-crime connection is incidental here. The film, fairly neatly scripted in the first half, meanders in the second. There are too many coincidences, particularly in the second half, which makes the situations seem forced. Its saving grace is the lead pair who are a pleasant watch,A� a couple of ably choreographed fights, some inspiring moments and its feel good flavour.

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