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    Director: David O Russell
    Cast: Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro, Bradley Cooper
    The semi-fictionalised biopic of Joy Mangano (Lawrence), sees an unemployed housewife who becomes a millionaire by inventing the Miracle Mop. But the story goes beyond the business of mops, to her work with TV producer Neil Walker (Cooper). It’s also a tale about her supremely dysfunctional family that often lands in comical situations, and how Mangano handles the roller-coaster of emotions in her life. A good watch.

    — Team Indulge

    Director: Raja Krishna Menon
    Cast: Akshay Kumar, Nimrit Kaur
    The film retells the historic event of the Kuwait evacuation in the ’90s. Indian construction tycoon Ranjit Katyal’s (Kumar) world comes crashing down when Saddam Hussein’s men invade the Gulf country. Instead of escaping to safety, he stays back and strategises the evacuation of 1,70,000 Indians stranded there. While Kumar delivers his career-best, the director simplifies the daunting evacuation process, which was done with the help of 488 Air India flights.

    — Team Indulge

    Moondram Ulaga Por
    Director: Sugan Karthi
    Cast: Sunil Kumar, Akhila
    Set in 2025, against the backdrop of a fictional Indo-China war, it’s about an Indian soldier captured and interrogated by a Chinese colonel. A theme of this complexity warrants a treatment that is mature, sensible and gives a realistic feel. But the execution is amateurish, with the debutant director bogged down by the sheer magnitude of the concept he has chosen. Bold, ambitious and experimental, the film  is a case of good intentions gone haywire.

    — Malini Mannath


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