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    Director: Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury
    Cast: Amitabh Bachchan,
    Taapsee Pannu
    A powerful woman-centric
    movie, Pink is a courtroom drama
    set in the capital. The plot revolves around three young women, who are trapped in a series of unfortunate incidents, and Deepak Sehgal (Bachchan), a once-famous lawyer who tries to help them. With strong performances from the cast,
    a great script and excellent direction,
    this one should not be missed.

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    Raaz Reboot
    Director: Vikram Bhatt
    Cast: Emraan Hashmi,
    Kriti Kharbanda
    The Raaz franchise has
    definitely seen better days. The
    latest offering takes place in Romania and revolves around a married couple and the secrets they keep from one another. With scenes clearly a�?inspireda�� by many Hollywood movies of the same genre, and not-so-scary sequences, it has nothing
    original to offer.
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    Bridget Jones’s Baby
    Director: Sharon Maguire
    Cast: RenA�e Zellweger, Colin Firth, Patrick Dempsey
    The beloved character, Bridget Jones, is back on the silver screen with the third installment of the movie series. Jones (Zellweger), who is now focusing on her career is interrupted by an unexpected pregnancy, but she is unsure if the father of her unborn child is Mark Darcy (Firth) or Jack Qwant (Dempsey).
    Did you know: The Bridget Jones series is the first movie trilogy that is fully directed by female directors.
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