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Step Up all In

Director: Trish Sie
Cast: Ryan Guzman, Briana Evigan
This story sees all the actors from the previous Step Up instalments in Las Vegas, where they are participating in a competition. If they win, it will define their lives and careers.
Did you know? It was producer Adam Shankmana��s idea to bring together all the cast members. a�?a�?He loves the Fast & Furious series and he loved how the biggest stars came together for the last movie. But this is not the final sequel. It is not a franchise that is led by characters after all, but by dance,a��a�� says the director of the movie.

a�� Team Indulge

preview_2Raja Natwarlal
Director: Kunal Deshmukh
Cast: Emraan Hashmi
This crime comedy follows Raja, a con man who is also involved with a bar dancer. Life is smooth until Raja
unwittingly gets involved with a big businessman
and is cheated.
Did you know? Actor Paresh Rawal says, a�?a�?I liked the
script and this genre of con. I am a big fan of confilms like Sting, Matchstick Men and others. It (this genre) is not an assault on your senses. It has intelligent material, there
is logic and a scientific way to do it (the con).a��a��

a�� Team Indulge

review_3Rumbu Kuthirai
Director: Yuvaraj Bose
Cast: Atharva, Priya Anand
A love story weaved against the backdrop of bike racing, it had a knot with the potential to turn into an engaging action thriller. But apart from a few impressively choreographed bike-chase and fight scenes, there is not much going for the film.The love interludes between Atharva and Priya are lukewarm. Alisha Abdullah, Indiaa��s renowned bike racer, is reduced to doing a miniscule role. Ita��s at the most, a promising work from a debutant director.

a��Malini Mannath


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