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    Director: Luc Besson
    Cast: Scarlet Johansson and Morgan Freeman
    Based on the Kantian model of transcendental idealism, Lucy is inspired by the old myth that human beings use only 10 per cent of their brain power. Scarlett Johansson, one of the few actresses who is consistently choosing interesting movies, effortlessly slips into her character and makes the movie a must-watch.

    a�� Team Indulge

    Finding Fanny
    Director: Homi Adajania
    Cast: Dimple Kapadia, Naseeruddin Shah, Deepika Padukone, Arjun Kapoor, Pankaj Kapoor
    The film is about five oddballs who embark on a journey to find Fanny, the lost love of one of the members of the group. Adajania clearly does not follow the Bollywood formula and has given us an unusual and short English movie. However, it loses its pace and often the a�?quirka�� factor seems a little forced.

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    Director: Dharanidharan
    Cast: Michael, Reshmi Menon
    It centres on the world of private car financiers and the methods employed by their wily recovery agents to retrieve the cars from defaulters. With its interlinking storylines , smartly-written screenplay and slick narration, the film breezes through the fast lane of crime and intrigue, with some twists. It should prove a career booster for Michael, who plays Burma, a car retriever. With its quintessential modern take, Burma is a breezy roller-coaster ride.

    a��Malini Mannath


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