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    Apps to help you share slice-of-life videos, live

    From fashion shows to local riots, and even the latest episodes of Game of Thrones, live streaming is the way people are connecting and communicating these days. And with every smartphone user turning videographer, we look at four new apps that can help you shoot and share.
    Periscope: This live broadcast app from Twitter has a lot of pluses. Apart from live streaming, it also stores videos for up tp 24 hours after theya��ve been broadcasted. For those who hold their privacy dear, there is an option to put up videos for private viewing. The downside? Comments disappear within a few seconds, which might probably be for more video space. Details: periscope.tv
    Meerkat: Periscopea��s rival, this app also uses the Twitter platform. However, unlike the former, the videos arena��t stored and disappear the moment the broadcast ends. Moreover, it allows users to view only a few lists of videos being streamed. We like that it lets you schedule your live streaming and also add a photoa��to remind you what you had planned to stream. Details: meerkatapp.co
    Stre.am: Unlike the others in the market, this one lets you stream on multiple platforms, like Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. It will also notify you as to who is following you. While you can post reels, or recorded videos, the disadvantage is that there is a 15-second time cap on them. Details: stre.am
    Sizu: Another app using the Twitter platform, Sizu, from Turkey, lets you categorise your broadcasts under titles like Life, Music or Sports. While the comments are stored for perusing later, ita��s a pity the comments are given more screen space than the video itself while broadcasting. Details: sizu.tv

    a�� Aishwarya Valliappan


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