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    Director: Morten Tylum
    Cast: Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt, Michael Sheen
    A plot with two strangers in a spaceship with 90 years on the clock is intriguing enough for any sci-fi fan. The lead pair share a decent chemistry in this mega-budget space romance. While some may find the premise inconceivable, the movie must be lauded for its VFX. Watch it for Sheenai??i??s brilliant potrayal of a humanoid bartender.

    Director:Ai?? Robert Zemeckis
    Cast: Brad Pitt, Marion Cotillard

    While Cotillard and Pittai??i??s chemistry is spot on, itai??i??s the luxurious shots and the ease with which a spy thriller and a classic romance have been brought together that truly keeps you glued to your seat. While it doesnai??i??t live up to other blockbuster love stories, simple storytelling and convincing performances make this worth your time.

    ai??i??Team Indulge

    Director: Bhuvan R Nullan
    Cast: Aishwarya Rajesh, Suresh Ravi
    Far better scripted than many earlier horror-comedies, this movie has many hilarious moments that keep the narration moving. The plot centres on a gang of five who con the gullible with their fake ghostbusting act. What happens when they are sent by a realtor to scare away a potential buyer of an old school forms the rest of the plot.Ai?? The encounter with a ghost, a talented bunch of actors and perfect comic timing keep this film going.

    ai??i?? Malini Mannath

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