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Musical wars and banned products make news. Plus, a little onea��s first tryst with a drizzle

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Maggi maintains its presence with a series of videos called #WeMissYouToo. All feature young men talking to the camera and addressing it like a person. The first talks about how he never troubled his mother at night when he felt hungry. Another talks about how he is now forced to smile at his neighbours because he needs to get them to cook for him. A third chap discusses how useless home delivery menus are as they make life harder. It is only in the end that they say things like a�?Kab wapas ayega yaara��, and the logo of the Nestle product flashes on screen that you realise that it is an ad for Maggi. Of course, youa��ll probably miss Maggi more after watching these clips!
First timer
While cities in India are getting flooded and villages facing drought, this video will make you fall in love with rain all over again. And with little Harper while you are at it. The toddler has never been in the rain before, so when a warm summer rain rolls in, her father carries her out to play in it. Capturing the experience, the video sees her thrilled to bits, even running between her fathera��s legs for round two. Cooing and clapping, the munchkina��s joy is quite contagious. In just two days, the young thing has been watched more than a million times, on YouTube alone. The video is called Toddlera��s Priceless Reaction to Her First Summer Rain with Daddy!
Locking horns
It isna��t as if the first Republican debates were not entertaining, what with Ted Cruz, Geb Bush, Chris Christie, Bobby Jindal and most of all Donald Trump making fools of themselves. But the clever minds at Bad Lip Reading, a channel on YouTube go ahead and take parodies to the next level by replacing the actual audio. Syncing everything from NFL commentary and The Hunger Games dialogue to sparring over frozen babies and planning to ward off the British, the debate sounds more interesting yet as ridiculous as the real one.
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