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    If you like your grilled chicken as much as your Malabar paratha, Mishwar in Nungambakkam serves both

    Now we are not going to say that two-month-old Mishwar serves the best grilled chicken, but we will admit that theirs has a twist worth trying. Made with a green marinade that looked like the bird was finished off with a coating of pesto, the tender citrusy pieces were nothing short of addictive, and of course, came with a sinful mayo and kuboos on the side. This was the Mishwar special grilled chicken. While on the subject, we have to mention their Mishwar special soup a�� a cream of chicken concoction, served inside a large bun! Rock hard on the outside, and hollowed out to hold the soup within, the chef cleverly leaves just the right amount of bread on the inside of this makeshift soup bowl, and before we realise it, we are scraping the inside, like one would scoop out the flesh of a tender coconut.

    Mishwar-Special-SoupThe 52-cover restaurant is located in Park Avenue Hotel, a business-class hotel owned by a Dubai-based NRI from Kerala, who also owns a restaurant by the same name in Saudi Arabia. So you will understand why we brushed past the Chinese staples (that have become mandatory in many a restaurant these days), and decided on a Kerala-style fish masala with the familiar Malabar paratha and a kheema naan. While the naan and paratha gave us neither reason to complain nor rave, the fish masala came with a welcome twist a�� the seer was fried before going into the dish. Thanks to a plate of fish fingers and the grilled chicken that we coulda��t stop eating, we had to end early with a parippu payasam, as the waiters surrendered a family of sizzlers to the group of hungry gentlemen at the next table. We had already decided we would pay them a second visit a�� especially since they are one of the few places that serve the typical matta rice with their afternoon Kerala meal.

    Meal for two at approximately Rs. 800. Details: 40004545

    a�� Ryan Peppin


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