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With a crowd-sourced exhibition, Tribal Hearts asks people to take a stand on what matters most to them

ver 200 postcards, paintings, sculptures and photographs are making their way to The Brew Room, at the Savera Hotel. Something that has Varuna Srinivasan really excited. a�?Art of the Matter is our first open-call exhibition, to create awareness about our community-driven art platform (by the same name) where we hope to connect artists and NGOs to create a partnership and increase awareness on social issues. And the response has been fantastic,a�? says the 24-year-old MBBS graduate, who co-founded Tribal Hearts this
March to help in the development of marginalised communities.
What started off as a small a�?shout outa�� a few weeks agoa��asking friends to share their Facebook post on the exhibitiona��has now got them responses from Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and even the US. a�?We didna��t expect the sheer variety of causesa��from craft preservation and LGBT rights to censorship and anti-violence. We have a deaf girl whose theme is inclusion (a�?I love youa�� painted in sign language) and another who made a tree out of copper wires to stress environment conservation,a�? says Sarah Siraj, the events manager. While the proceeds from the sale will go to the artists, the money collected from the artist registrations will help build a vocational centre for womena��s empowerment. a�?All the creations will go on our social justice art blog and we hope this will be the start of an annual event,a�? concludes Srinivasan.

Today, at 7 pm, at The Brew Room.
Details: 9952039393
a��Surya Praphulla Kumar


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