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    Last weeka��s buzz continued this week, with everyone making holiday plans for the summer. Almost on cue, Saturday saw an evening hosted by Ballya��s Entertainment, the next edition in a series of events to promote their venue in Colombo. Exotic dancers provided the entertainment for the evening, while guests enjoyed the a�?Vegas-isha�� feel that had been created. And if that wasna��t enough, there were loads of goodies for the taking, enticing players to make a quick trip to Sri Lanka. Meanwhile, another set of the party crowd was at Confluence resorts on ECR for Sunburn on Air, featuring headlining act W&W. Fusing styles and mixing influences, the duo have a diversity that appeals to multiple audiences, as was evident by the multitudes that had gathered.
    On Sunday, the whoa��s who of Chennai headed to The Park for the Luxe Royale Night, a special fund raiser by Vivek Karunakaran, in association with the Madras Midtown Round Table 42. The purpose of the evening, I suppose, was to leave us with something to think about, as art, dining and fashion were entwined with live music and dance. As part of the concept, there was no specific stage, with the entire hotel being used to showcase different presentations. Hip-hop at the lobby? Contemporary dance at The Leather Bar? Or an art auction at 601? A fair bit of scurrying about ensued, trying to keep up with all the action, especially for those who didna��t get prime seats, and I was more than a little surprised when a dancer suddenly came to life right next to me. Karunakarana��s Spring Summer collection was followed by the Celebrity Walk of Pride, where everyone from actors to sports persons happily showed off their VK ensembles. Just as we were craning our necks to see what was next, an aerial acrobat proceeded to perform, suspended from above, followed by a flamenco-inspired dance piece. The finale was Karunakarana��s Regimental Colle-ction for both men and women, with structured jackets, billowy skirts, intricate detailing and drapes.
    To wind things up, I also got to add a little bit of bling to my week, courtesy Forever Mark Diamonds, in association with Arpranje Jewellers Bangalore, who hosted an exclusive preview of their latest collection. Guest of honour Nandita Das added to the frenzy that generally accompanies all things sparkly, putting her special stamp on the proceedings.

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