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UK’s DJXXXY A�brings his brand of A�house and techno music to town this Saturday

There has been no looking back for Manchester-based DJ and music producer Rupert Taylor since the release of his EP You Always Start It in 2010. The following year, he was selected by the prestigious travelling music workshop Red Bull Music Academy (RBMA) for its Madrid edition. Soon after, it named Taylor aka DJ XXXY named as the a�?fourth best DJ in the worlda��.
Ita��s his signature mix of house and techno, and modern interpretation of the UK garage genre of electronic music thata��s taking him places and bagging big labels.
On Saturday, Taylor makes a pitstop in Bengaluru, after delighting his fans in Pune, Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi, as part of the RBMA tour. Incidentally, ita��s his first visit to India.
The gig will also see him reuniting with another RBMA peer, drummer Jivraj Singh from India. And, the latter describes Taylor as someone who a�?gets the job done with purpose, precision and without undue fussa�?.
With so many praises and projects coming his way (next is an EP for Ten Thousand Yen label), Taylor couldna��t be happier. a�?Ia��ve been writing music since I was young, and later for my band, and now as a solo music producer. I am lucky that people like my music enough that I can earn a living from it,a�? he reflects on his journey. Bands such as Radiohead, Spiritualized, and Mogwai shaped up his music sensibilities while growing up.
A few highlights of his career, according to Taylor himself, have been his gig at Sonar Festival in Barcelona, which he had attended as a kid. Hea��s performed at his dream venue, Panorama Bar in Berlin, a couple of times already. Yes, given a choice, Taylor would like to play in nightclubs. a�?DJing is a much nicer experience than standing on a big stage as I can feel disconnected,a�? he explains.
The other time that he feels disconnected is when he runs out of inspiration to write. a�?I get over that by taking a walk or trying another route to making music,a�? adds Taylor, who enjoys cooking, reading and being with his pets in his downtime.

On October 31.
At Church Street Social. 9.30 pm. Entry free
a�� Barkha Kumari


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