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    Ita��s a good thing the column is called Where Was I because last week was quite a blur. I did manage to make it for the Mainstage Festival and was lucky enough to catch the very likeable Josh VivianA�a��who seems to be yet another founder of Indiaa��s first Tamil boy band, aptly titled NOBB. Relax, ita��s Namma Ooru Boy Band. The pint-sized Josh started by thanking a�?all 15 people who came to see hima�?, but quickly forgot about the crowda��s size as he mixed up popular English covers and original songs to make the evening at Bay 146 quite entertaining.
    There was also Mic Testing, an open mic night standup series at Ashvin & Srutia��s Ashvita Bistro. Go in with jokes, gags and guts, and be part of the fun. Or be part of the back row standup, as we were. Either way, ita��s a performance space to watch every Thursday, till the 29th.
    Friday was at Ink 303, at Oyster, Khader Nawaz Khan Road, which has finally got its liquor license. With ample parking, uniquely-themed interiors, and a litigation-free name, all it needs now is people. Given that this has the same management as Sera, Ia��m sure that will not be a problem for long.
    Oktoberfest celebrations have begun across town and Hyatt Regency has a great line-up planned for this German festival. The soft pretzels were a big hit along with German beer that evening.
    I also made it to a very unique eventa��Ovations, Loyola collegea��s big event since they pulled the plug on Down Sterling. I was quite impressed by the Vijay TV-style sets, complete with a stage that splits open and guests like the young actress, Miss India-UAE, Nivvi.A� I had not heard of her, but the Loyolites definitely had. Twenty years later, ita��s still a boya��s college! After an evening of cat calls, I felt I needed to get in some a�?fancya�� and made it to ITC Grand Chola for Aamir Raza Husaina��s play, Once upon a Murder. Ninety long minutes and one twist later, the evening went to Aircel, for their undying support of English theatre. For me, I just needed to get to the Radio Room real quick. Some kind soul has taken B-Bar and transformed it into a bright, buzzing lounge bar with the ever-smiling Zahir Naina keeping the well-priced drinks and the killer food coming. After the murder at Grand Chola, I really needed that and my dear friends there. Bar may come and bars may go, but Chennai is all about its people after all.
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