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    Director AL Abanindran gets talking about his debut movie, Vellaiya Irukiravan Poi Solla Matan, a simple story about a complicated lie

    AFTER establishing in the first few minutes of our conversation that he is first a director and then a writer, AL Abanindran chats about Vellaiya Irukiravan Poi Solla Matan, the first feature film he has written and directed. Slated to release on November 27, he makes no bones about the fact that his debut doesn’t follow the regular format of five songs and a big hero. Keeping the narrative in touch with reality, the story explores how a man’s lies affects those around him.

    Abanindran has been in the industry for 20 years. Besides directing a TV series, he also worked as an assistant director on Rajiv Menon’s famous ventures like Minsara Kanavu and Kandukonden Kandukonden. While speaking about the trends in Tamil cinema, he says the new breed of directors like Karthik Subbaraj and Nalan Kumarasamy possess their own way of storytelling. He also feels that now, more than ever, the audience decides the fate of the film. Thanks to the hyperactive social media culture, he says, “this trend gives me great hope for my film as well.”

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    Working with relatively new faces, the film has Praveen Kumar (from the TV series, Dharmayudham) playing the male lead and the female lead rendered by Shalini Vadnikatti (model-turned-actress from Hyderabad). “In fact, there is a mixture of both seasoned and new actors. I think it’s important when the audience watches a movie that they identify with the character on the basis of the story, and not by who is playing the role. I feel that I have achieved this because of the compliment I received from one of the actors, Bala Saravanan, who said he did not see himself in the movie, he just saw Mani (the character he is playing).” So, which other compliments came his way? “After watching the premiere of the movie, S Thanu (producer of the upcoming Rajnikanth starer Kabali) told me he will take care of the distribution. This was a moment of pride for me.” He isn’t worried about the Bond movie, Spectre, then? “No, I would have been more worried if a Tamil film was releasing.”

    While the title of the movie roughly translates to ‘The one who is fair, will not lie’ the tagline rehashes it as ‘And the one who is dark will always tell the truth’. “The title and the trailer both elicit laughter and this was our intention—so that no one can predict the serious twist,” signs off Abanindran.

    Vellaiya Irukiravan Poi Solla Matan releases on November 27.

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