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Sharik Hasan is back for a trio act

FROM acing the Royal School of Musica��s curriculum to winning numerous scholarships and commendations, Bangalore-based Sharik Hasan has played the piano in the western classical style from age five. Oberlin College and Conservatory of Music in New York opened his horizons to the somewhat contradictory style of jazz. Hasan tells us about his his love affair with jazz ahead of his trio performance along with Marco Zenini (double bass) and Philippe Lemm (drums), at the Alliance Francaise this evening.

International exposure.
Oberlin opened my eyes to jazz and then Paris to the European style of playing jazz. It helped me shed my inhibitions and play with freedom. Because that is really what jazz is all about.

Classical to jazz transition.
I didna��t know how to play music if it wasna��t prescribed or written. IA� had to learn to let myself go with the music while differentiating between harmonious Classical and rhythmic, dynamic jazz.

Go to composers.
I take a lot from Beethoven and Chopard and think the romantic tingle in my style comes from them. I play from the Jazz Canon too.

On original compositions.
Improvisation and composing onea��s own style is important. Thata��s what jazz is in its core.Greats like Mozart and Chopard improvised too. But these got catalogued instead of recorded, and it became the norm for future generations to recite rather than be inspired by them.

Solo and group.
In a group, you literally have a live conversation with each member is playing off the other. Ita�� is exhilarating. In solo, there is more pressureA� but a lot more freedom.

Career highlight
When I went to listen to Wayne Shorter in Berkeley and was then invited from the audience to play with him on stage, live. It was very surreal and a blissful moment because somehow the music just naturally unfolded.
Rs. 200. 7 pm. At Vasanthnagar. Details: 41231340

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